chris stanton

About: Who is ICM?

Chris Stanton is the principal of ICM. With 35 years of construction, executive and consulting experience, he is well versed in all aspects of constructing and managing successful projects. As founder and CEO of one of the S.F. Bay Area's best builders (he sold his half of Paragon Inc. in 1998), Chris is responsible for a huge portfolio of beautiful and demanding projects (over $225,000,000 of work) for discerning clients and renowned architects and designers.

Chris is a strategic advisor, expeditor, collaborator and respected business leader. His business consulting company—KSG Transform--designs and delivers strategic and financial solutions to (mostly) construction-related organizations ready for positive change. Chris is passionate about finding innovative ways to create value.

He holds an M.A. degree in Consciousness Studies and speaks nationally about leadership, accountability, collaboration, project management, talent development, sustainable business practices, turning obstacles into opportunities, and how businesses can thrive in tough times.

Chris draws upon a loyal group of professional associates (estimators, project managers, engineers, accountants) to augment his services, whenever necessary.