Solutions & Services

We plan, organize and manage the project with the client’s best interests in mind, focusing on the creating the most value possible.

  • More thorough and organized design and project packages

  • Better planning and schedules (start later, finish sooner)

  • More reliable budgets

  • Better construction contracts that incentivize meeting objectives rather than higher costs

  • Greater efficiencies and elimination of breakdowns

  • More trust, confidence and accountability

  • Win-win-win relationships between the 3 points of the triangle

The Positive Results of Using Inverness Construction Management:

  • Clients get maximum value for dollars spent, with a clear understanding of that value.

  • Projects are better planned, developed and priced; clarifying budgets, roles and expectations before commencement of construction.

  • The critical path of required decision-making is clearly mapped out.

  • Inefficiencies, contingencies and avoidable change orders are eliminated, allowing a larger portion of client dollars to go into better materials and craftsmanship.

  • Project durations are shortened through better planning, reducing general conditions costs and time-related project expenses, as well as other carrying costs the client has.

  • Architects prosper by doing more of what they do best—designing innovatively—by spending less time managing the builder, contracts and multiple changes/change orders and focusing their primary assets on conceiving and executing gorgeous architecture as well as exceeding client expectations.

  • Designers get a coherent plan, schedule and support to help coordinate and facilitate their project contributions, reducing delivery costs.

  • Builders can use their most valuable money-making resource—job superintendents and project managers—more efficiently due to better overall planning, shorter construction durations and the ability to produce more work per month. With fees based on duration rather than job cost they are incentivized to reduce, not increase, costs and time.

  • Using ICM creates a dynamic collaboration that generates greater efficiencies, immense satisfaction, and a superior finished product.

ICM Services

  • Scope and budget establishment (with preliminary cost estimates) focused on creating value and innovative solutions

  • Client, Architect, Designer, Builder, Consultant selection—finding the optimal mix of customer and service providers

  • Project Team role clarity—clear delineation of responsibilities

  • Extensive pre-project planning and budgeting

  • Facilitation of client decision-making process

  • Coordination of project consultants and their output

  • Schedule and budget evaluations

  • Constructibility reviews and weighing project alternatives

  • Accuracy checks on cost estimates

  • Value engineering

  • Structuring bid packages for lowest cost construction

  • Monitoring and coordinating construction activities

  • Contract, invoicing and payment management

  • Creating value at each phase of the project

  • Intercepting breakdowns in process

  • Sustainable design and building practices

  • Project Team collaboration skills and relationship-building

  • Sales networking for clients, architects, designers and builders